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Successful Business Women Inspire

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Registrations/RSVP Required Utilizing Links 

​Links are updated when the event registration opens.  Mark your calendars for the following: ​​​

  • Tuesday, February 27, Mary Vallieu with Ms. Value 6pm (location TBD)

  • Wednesday, March 6, Krista Connects w/ Krista Abshure of Abshure Realty at Bellini's at 12 noon with guest speaker. for business insurance needs, Amy Briley

  • End of March evening Networking Event (TBD)



The foundation of The Successful Business Women rests on principles that aim to inspire, uplift, and empower women in business through community and education. With an impressive number of over 2300 active members, these remarkable ladies are spreading their light throughout the communities of central North Carolina.


They actively support fellow local businesses and nonprofits by fostering collaboration and facilitating connections that foster growth and success. Through their collective efforts, they create a network of support and resources, enabling women business owners to thrive and make a positive impact on their communities.

Picture at right by Shira Rose Studios

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